Seminole Candle Company

Our goal at Seminole Candle Company is to enhance your quality of life and relationships through sustainable home fragrance. Our products evoke memories and emotions, transporting you back to that unforgettable day at the beach, your grandmother's flower garden, campfires with your favorite people, or that awesome spa you visited that smelled so good. Light a Cucumber Mint or White Jasmine candle to transform your space into your spa, or try our prized Fresh Pine seasonal candle to get into the holiday spirit! Remember your cherished memories and create new ones with Seminole Candle Company.

Because you ponder the name and meaning of this new candle shop you've come across, we want to share its meaning to us - folks who aren't Floridians or knew anything about this Native American tribe, until we bought a house on Seminole Drive in 2009.

Our neighborhood's street names range from Mohawk, Cherokee, and Osage, to Comanchee, Natchez, Mohegan and Navajo. Clearly, you can google the history to learn more, but our findings were fascinating enough to name a company after our Seminole home. Their values represent freedom, community, sustainability, perseverance, and self-sufficiency. Good stuff to keep in mind no matter who you are, and it's what we embody as the provider of your favorite candle and as community members of Seminole Drive.

We were inspired to research ways of becoming more self-sufficient and sustainable. Creating homemade, limited ingredient products instead of potentially toxic store bought products resulted - and became a passion and foundation for Seminole Candle Company. Did you know that paraffin candles are a major contributor to indoor pollution? Once we were privy to the fact that they were, we began hand pouring small batch renewable soy candles in 2013, and the rest is history! The completion of our shipping container studio/workshop in 2016 enabled the growth of our home based business, providing the ability to share our beloved candles with you and your loved ones.