Permanent Baggage
I have this memory from when I was a kid, like eight or nine, of me going to one of my brother's baseball games, which was common, but on this one day in particular I had gone to great lengths to prepare a collection of colorful woven friendship bracelets. I cut out a square of cardboard and slit some notches at the top, wedged each bracelet into a slot, numbered them, and then recorded what colors each was made from in a notebook. I ventured around the park that day showing off my display of handmade wares to anyone who would give me a bit of their time. There were some interested parties for sure, but sadly, by the end of the game I had not sold a single friendship bracelet, apparently elementary school kids didn''t have much money. However, I now look back on that day and shake my head because it seems so incredibly apparent to me that my mini-me artistic entrepreneurial eight-year-old self knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life, many many years prior to college debt. This is my lightbulb story. The day I remembered this story was the day that I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be and doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

Permanent Baggage began in 2007 as a public art project while I was attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. It was, at it's core, an eco advocacy venture and now more than five years later has developed into a full time career as an independent accessory designer. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Sculpture with a minor in Design. This exposure has led to my passion for creating work in a variety of media including textiles, metal, leather, and wood. 

I work full-time from my studio located in Milwaukee, WI and employ the help of a couple amazing part-time assistants. My work can be found at art fairs throughout the state,  boutiques throughout the mid-west, and online.  

It has been quite an evolution from the days of baseball games and friendship bracelets, public art projects and figure sculpture classes, but I can truly say that I am one of the lucky ones who absolutely loves my work. I wake up every day eager to discover what new projects are on the horizon and who I will meet that shares this same passion for quality handmade uniquely created treasures. Warmest wishes.

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