Natalia Araya

I am a Costa Rican maker currently living in Spain.

I run my own studio which is the "Atelier" here you can find one of a kind jewelry pieces made in a traditional manner using mostly recycled sterling silver which is worked in a way that allows the metal to react to the fire naturally, creating rich textures.

On my first jewelry class I was told that the only way to learn to make jewelry was to spend hundreds of hours on the bench working.

I dived in without really knowing at the time that it would become such a personal practice which truly changed my life, jewelry has given me freedom and it has taught me self determination.

I also carry a contemporary jewelry line which allows me to explore different topics, materials and motivates me to keep traveling, learning and to try to understand this fascinating relationship we have with objects.

A little bit about me:

I like living a simple life, I don't need a lot to be content.

I was raised believing in fairy tales and ghosts, lots of laughter and innocence.

I think every goal can be achieved if you are constant and work hard enough


I think we should be greatful and never take things for granted.

I don’t step on bugs…

I like giving compliments to strangers.

I got the sense of humor of my father and the eyes of my mother.

I love learning new things and to try to discover the "Why" of everything...

I love travelling and moving around you can follow my blog to see a bit of it in my personal instagram page:

I have longer hair than anyone I know..

I have no idea where I'll be in 5 years but I do know what I want to do the rest of my life.

I choose to have faith in many things and I believe in signs.

I am Natalia, I make jewelry to be worn an enjoyed and some to answer my own inner questions through making.

I feel blessed to do what I love and I really couldn't ask for more.