Inbal Mishan

"enjoy my love to design and my world of colors "
Inbal Mishan

My designs are intuitive and inspired by different cultures
taken from history, the tribal and the ancient, as well as from spiritual world
And transformed into a contemporary and fashio nable look.
Each piece is made by hand soldering technique
That creates playful combinations of colors, textures and

I use semi precious gems which have an energetic value.
Wild look given with coral, pearls and shells.
Swarovski crystals combined for uniqe and feminine appearance.
All create a well balanced piece of jewelry, which generates a sense of harmony and joyfulness.

My collections have many styles, so each woman can collect her own jewelry box.
Each piece is designed to beautify the woman who confidence in her own taste and style.

I was born in Israel, and have been designing jewelry for the last 20 years.
Mother of Yarden and Romi, along with my partner Alon, we lead this business together.
We live in the countryside, which is the nature scenery of my childhood.
I would like to thank the great opportunity to practice kung-fu and soha, for the last 9 years for well being and for good health and mind.
This is the moment to thank all those who love my work
And treasure them, in Israel and worldwide.

Thank you
Inbal Rosental Mishan