Henson Handmade
Living my childhood dream.
I've been obsessed with greeting cards ever since I was a little girl. "Greeting card maker" was even my childhood dream job.

I'm based in Philadelphia, PA. When I first started making these cards, I had wanted to get better at hand lettering so I made fun little cards for my boyfriend with cute animals and corny jokes on them. With practice, I started getting better at hand lettering, and I received encouragement from my boyfriend and other friends. I started putting them on Etsy, and now my hand lettering hobby has become an exciting way to fulfill the dreams of my 10-year-old self. 

I draw cards in my spare time, and I still have a full-time job as a web developer. After spending all day working on the internet, I love being able to come home and create something with my hands. This is a one-woman operation: I draw each illustration and the lettering, then scan it in to my computer and print out the cards. I cut and fold each card, and package everything myself.

I try and make cards that I would enjoy receiving: simple, heartfelt designs. The goal of Henson Handmade is to offer playful, witty cards that are perfect for every occasion.