Etnochik Art
I was born in Mexico City, 1973 and have been influenced by art by my parents and friends. My dad is a piano teacher. My mom used to bake bread and donuts for my five siblings when we were kids. The year after I moved to California, I took the skills I learned from my mom and began working in different bakeries around the Bay Area baking and decorating cakes. I love to work with my hands, and art is in my blood. 

After spending time in San Francisco I began taking part in farmer markets and street festivals around the city. I met a lot of jewelry designers and in a certain way they influenced me to do my own designs, even though I was not vary savvy designing jewelry myself. So I started to import jewelry from my hometown, Mexico City. I also worked for different gift companies, jewelry designers at the San Francisco gift fair and Costoc road shows representing Rwanda partners selling fair trade baskets and recycled jewelry made by women affected by the genocide in Uganga Africa. This job sparkled my passion for fair trade and how it can help to improve the life of others.
Business Description
I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and recently fell in love with the world of jewelry, design, art, and everything that had to do with colors, patterns and textures.
My business is a home decor line consisting of decorative boxes and chests that I decorate with custom images for various occasions such as weddings, parties, and special occasions for each client. I recently completed a custom order for a local wedding in San Francisco for a great group of bridesmaids. The line also include wine cases, magazine racks, wall hanging crosses, magnets, favors for first communion and weddings, and tea boxes. We make our boxes and chests from quality pinewood and each item is decorated with images than can be customize according to your necessity.
My plan is to do fair trade to give work to the artisans of my country helping them to make a better living and also an income.